Hope Services, LLC

Mental / Behavioral Health Treatment of Children/Adolescents and Adults

Hope Services, LLC


Specializing in the Mental/Behavioral Health treatment of children/adolescents, adults, families and couples.

Individual, Family and Group Psychotherapy

Our individual therapies include play, creative arts and talk therapy for children and adolescents struggling with functioning in their families, school, community, and social/interpersonal relationships.

Cognitive Behavioral / Behavior Modification interventions are also provided.

Parenting Guidance Sessions. Parents are an integral part of working with children/adolescents. Parents are encouraged to meet with the therapist on a regular basis to discuss issues as they arise, process ways to the help the child, and process progress being made.

Family Counseling

Group Therapy

Assessments – Assessments are provided at the very beginning of the intake as well as during the treatment process. The goal of the initial assessment session is to determine the appropriateness of admission for the client, to begin to develop an understanding of the presenting problems, and to answer any questions that the client and/or family has regarding the therapy process.